Level Water helps

Level Water supports disabled children

Level Water supports children who are:

- Aged 4 to 11

- Physically disabled

- Cannot swim 10m

We do not currently work with children who have a learning or behavioural difficulty.

Level Water provides free one-to-one lessons

Level Water provides free one-to-one lessons until your child is ready to join mainstream classes.

They will learn the basics of frontcrawl, backstroke and breaststroke, and to swim at least 10m unaided.

This is usually 25-50 lessons in total, or twice a week for one or two terms.

Level Water provides the base for the future of British Paralympics

As your child improves we will help them to move into mainstream lessons, then to train and compete at local swimming clubs.

They can take the sport as far as they like - and maybe your child will be our next Paralympic superstar!

Level Water Ambassadors

Rebecca Adlington

Rebecca Adlington

Double Olympic Gold Medallist

Every child should leave primary school being able to swim 25 metres. Every child means every child, disabled or not. Without Level Water's work, a lot of disabled children would be left behind, and never have the chance to experience a lifetime of sport.
Sacha Kindred

Sascha Kindred

World and Paralympic Champion

Level Water is building the Paralympic Legacy that we so badly need. Support Level Water and you can create our next generation of Paralympians.
Nyree Kindred

Nyree Kindred

World and Paralympic Champion

No child in the UK should miss out on the power of sport. It helps to build confidence, self-esteem, discipline and teamwork. What Level Water is doing for both sport and disability is truly special.
Mark Foster

Mark Foster

Seven-Time World Record Holder

Disabled children need a fair start to reach their potential. Level Water is that start.